The firm Velkosklad J. Pařízek was founded in 1992 as a wholesaler and retailer of entertaining pyrotechnics.

In the course of time we have got our regular clients and have gained our position on the market.

At the begining it was mainly whosale of pyrotechnics,but fireworks to order  has found  favour with increasing

 number of clients lately.


The quality of pyrotechnics was significantly developed but also the assortmentis much wider.

You have two choices when organizing your party or private/ public celebration.


1)   Professional firework to order.

     -You choose the place,time and lenght of  performance,we agree together on the sorts and height of effect

     (luminous or sound) based on our proposal according to your wishes and natural conditions.


     It is possible To choose from all range of fireworks  from  small family celebrations to large town fireworks.

     We can show you examples of  fireworks on the video.


2)    Purchase of entertaining pyrotechnics in our store-house.

      - We sell in Davle (under the new bridge) from October to end of December,in other time of the year

       we can be reached by phone and a meeting could be arranged.

       You can choose from various petards, rockets,  fountains, suns and especially spheric bombs.

       We will gladly assist You in selection and give you  advice about completion and launching.

       If you observe the instructions,there will be no danger and a guarantee of a good amusement.